Chapter 31

“Elizabeth, what is this man saying? This is absurd!” Angela, Elizabeth’s mother, looked like she was going to faint, or she faked it pretty well.

“That can’t be! I don’t accept this!” Andrew, her father, yelled through his clenched teeth.

Elizabeth was about to say something but Henry’s hand that squeezed hers stopped her.

“Whether you accept it or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Elizabeth and I are soon to be married.” Henry gave a slight roar to his voice.

“This is preposterous!” the guy sitting at the table voiced for the first time.

“And who are you?” Henry directed his look full of disgust towards him.

“He is our new business partner, and he is going to marry Elizabeth,” Andrew answered proudly.

Henry was taken aback for a second. He definitely didn’t expect something like this. He turned his head to look Elizabeth in the eyes.

“Are they serious? Tell me they are not serious,” he demanded, but the stern look in them told him the exact opposite.

What none of the pres
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Bella Jersey
Yay business partner can kiss our ass. But we’re not done with the parents and business partner

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