7. I'm gonna make you feel it

There was a primal look in Marco's eyes the way he raked her body. The look of a man who's ready to kill. To kill her, literally, devour her with overwhelming lust and desire combined. That made her stomach flutter with excitement. Cielo watched his every distinct move. He knew exactly how he wanted this to play out. And how hypocrite she was to deny this man for so long. Oo, tama ito. Mas lalo mong tinitikis ay mas lalong lumalakas ang tawag ng atraksiyon nila para sa isa't isa. How does he reduced her to become slave to his touch, to his kisses, to everything about him without her knowing?

She can tell he was different from other men. In his words, she found desires that she didn't know existed in her. When he looked at her, she felt as though he could read her very thoughts. When he touched her, she knew she would give him anything despite the rationale voice restraining her.

She would give him everything.

Then she did something that surprised her. As though it was the most natural thing to do, she reaches out for Marco and kissed him, their mouths opened and their tongues began to play with each other. She knew what Marco is capable of. And the sensation is enough to make every nerve ending in her body come alive.

"Do whatever you want with me," so he took care of her.

"You have no idea. Gusto kong malaman kung hanggang saan ang kaya mo..." Itinulak siya nito ng marahan pabalik sa kama at ito ang pumaibabaw sa kanya. He straddles her legs as he began to trail her skin with her warm yet calloused hands from the hollow of her waist up to the bottom of her breast. Nakasunod ang mga mata nito sa mga kamay. He must've felt her body tremble beneath his touch that he meet her eyes once again. "I'll let you feel sensations take control of you. To have you exposed and bare. To just make you feel and not resist." His hands cupped her breasts fully. Massaging it. Playing it. Kneading it before pulling down her brassiere revealing her aroused breasts and taking one peak at a time by his sinful mouth. She closed her eyes and quivered as she had been holding back a tide. He takes her time and it was torture. Sweet torture.

He was unexpected. His effect on her well-being was unfathomable. A raging storm that derange the calm, blue sea of her perfect seemingly world.

"Ever since the first kiss. The only sweetness I crave is yours, Cielo." Akala niya ay hindi na nito titigilan ang mga dibdib niya. He got a hold of her neck and his mouth found hers like that of the several encounters before. She moaned deeply as he took her mouth, tongue seeking, thrusting, tasting. Taking his fill. "Binabaliw mo ako. You have a sweet, little mouth, baby and you have the slightest idea what this can do to me." He took it one more time before releasing it. His eyes seek hers and she's seeing her reflection, flushed on those brown pools. "This becomes my drug. You've become my addiction."

He slanted her head to ravage her jaw then her neck then to the top of her mounds. There was nothing gentle about it. It was passionate, hotter than anything that she'd experienced before. Not that she had the experience first hand but on many occasions that Marco invaded her space with hot kisses she thought that nothing could surpass that. Now she couldn't breathe, couldn't think. And didn't want to.

Her whole being was focused on the man who's giving her a completely new definition of pleasure.

"Your skin taunts me, do you know that? They locked gazes as he resume his assault to her body. His hands were now on her waist, feeling and learning her shape. "I want to feel every bit of you. And when I say every bit, it's everything, Cielo." She groaned in protest as he leaves her only to get surprised at the next thing he does.

He pulled her panties off her legs and tossed them aside. Awtomatikong tinakpan niya ang tinakpan niya ang kasalanan at nakaramdam ng hiya. At mas lalo na nang mapagtanto niyang wala na siyag naitago sa lalaki kumpara dito na halos balot pa ang katawan. Lahat ata ng dugo niya ay umakyat sa kanyang ulo. But Marco was a determined man.

"Open up, Cielo..." Umiling siya at mas lalong pinagdikit ng mariin ang dalawang hita. "Open up."

"I won't..." His eyes never leave hers as he repeats himself.

"You will," and yes she did. As soon as the words come out she felt herself doing exactly what he wants. She did open up to him slowly. Naitakip niya ang isang kamay sa bibig at pumikit ng mariin habang hinahayaan niyang makita nito ang kabuuan niya.

Muling lumundo ang kama. With hesitation, she opens her eyes and saw Marco hovering over her. His eyes lit with desire more than ever as his jaw clenched. Her heart raced at the thought when she figured out what Marco will be doing next. Cielo brushed an even deeper red as she tried to stop him. Pero naunahan na siya nito at naikalso na ang mga kamay sa taas ng kanyang ulo.

"I'll please you on my terms," he surveys her whole face and lingers a little more to her lips before seeking her eyes. "And I won't let your fears take over. Now don't let your hands interfere or I'll tie them up." He leaned on to nuzzle her neck, inhaling her familiar scent before kissing the side of her head. He moved down afterward and dipped his head at her exposed center.

She jerks up, scandalized, but he put his hand on her flat belly. Stopping her.

"I said don't move."

He dipped his head again, lapped and suckled her mercilessly. Cielo throws her head backward, breathing grew more ragged and labored as the pleasure continues to escalate. She gasped and muffled her moans under her clenched hand as she felt a tremendous rush starting from her core that spread all over her body. She looked down again to see Marco staring back at her while ravishing her aching sex with the proficiency of a man who'd done this before, two fingers was plunging deep into her core. He tortured her till she reaches that earth-shattering orgasm so intense that it left her shivering and shaking, making her feel wonderfully helpless.

"Oh Jesus!" She screamed in release, bucked and twisted then finally lay still. Nakatingin siya sa kisame habang pinapayapa ang sarili. Breathing hard, she's trying to wrap up what did just happened.

He stood up then shrugged off the last pieces of his own clothing and stood before her completely naked and thrillingly aroused. Cielo's heart thumped, building the fire all over again. Marco wrapped a hand to his thick, rigid length, desire blazing out of his eyes.

"My turn, baby. Just lie back."

MARCO took a moment to study her face then the rest of her. He loved the way her heavy mass of brown hair scattered across his sheets. Soft and silky, her hair was long and lightly wavy. Gusto niya ang pakiramdam niyon sa kanyang kamay. And that familiar clean scent wafted to his nose. Hindi na ata siya masasanay sa napakabangong amoy nito.

Looking up at him, her eyes were hooded with desire, her lips were slightly parted and she seemed excited about the anticipation of something to happen. As he did continue to gaze upon her passion once more begin to awaken. And now he's aching for his own release.  He reached for his throbbing length and gently stroke it. Bumaba ang tingin doon ni Cielo.

"My turn, baby. Just lie back."

She's inexperienced, he could tell. But he liked that. Different from the hookers and the casual flings he used to bed. And he would enjoy teaching her of what he knew.

He move on top of her and reached her mouth, bruising it with feverish kisses. Ipinaikot niya ang mga binti nito sa kanyang baywang. He made sure she felt the proof of his burning desire at her femininity. Waves of pleasure rolled over as he continues to rock her, nudging her without the actual deed.

She moaned in between their fiery kisses. "This feels good..." He bit her lower lip.

"Not close enough..." Can't take the anticipation anymore, he slid deep, deep inside her, burying himself to the hilt. That's when she cried---like a wounded pup---and then it dawned him. Natigilan siya at nagtatanong ang mga matang tumitig dito.

"Why you didn't tell me?" He kissed away the tears stroll on her cheeks. She's sobbing quietly and that made her heart tugged. "Kung sinabi mo..."

"Does it matter?"

"Yes it does; everything about you, concerns you, matters to me, Cielo." He cupped her face and made her look to him. "Manipulative as it seems, I care for your welfare. You're far different to the woman I've bedded before and I don't want my woman to feel any kind of pain. It's all pleasure I want to see in you, baby." My woman? Why does it sound so good to hear yet so wrong in so many ways?

"Then erase it, Marco," her watery eyes smiled as she pulled his head for a brief kiss.  "Erase the pain and make me feel you more."

Still having doubts, Marco moved with utmost care, not wanting to hurt her even more. He covered her silent cries with kisses to ease the pain. Her cries become moans and she rocked back against him, signaling her silent acceptance. At last, Marco thrust even harder, faster, slamming her, filling her to her capacity. A primal growl rumbled in his chest. He's loving the complete possession of this innocent vixen.

He was claiming her as his, wanting to feel his imprint on her and every fiber of his being celebrated.

"Oh my God!" She breathes. Hinawakan niya ang batok nito at pinagtapat niya ang kanilang mga noo. He felt his control slipping away from him.

With controlled but rough movements he said, "You. Are. Mine."  With a low, primal growl he let himself go. They came together yet his orgasm came with the strength and power which surprised him. He jerked and exploded deep inside her. Too intense. Too strong.

A few more steady thrusts and he pulled himself from her. They both groan in disapproval, na para bang parehong may nawala sa kanilang dalawa. But that was only brief; He flipped her, on her hands and knees and again claim her, brand her now without hesitation. He let the beast, the mad man inside her take over. Hindi siya makapaniwalang magiging ganito siya kabaliw sa isang babae.

He took away her innocence.

And may the heaven help him but he'll have this woman all for him by any means.

WHEN Vladimir finally get away from that gruesome meeting, he headed straight to his office, opening the first two buttons of his dress shirt as he did so. Past six na rin naman at iilan na rin ang tao sa opisina but his reason was beyond that. It's too important he could have cut off the meeting the moment he received a text coming from his hired investigator that he already forwarded the result to his office. He could but control himself. He was in the middle of a heated discussion about the shoot tomorrow with RedLine executives and the changes about to happen when he received the notification. Pahirapan pa ang pagkumbinsi niya sa mga ito na hindi na si Tosca ang gagawa ng shoot. After thorough debate, he succeeded getting their approval. For once he thought his charms worn out. Hindi pa pala.

Nina, his secretary, was preparing to leave when she saw him approaching. "Sir, there are some confidential files delivered today..."

He cut her off. "I know. Thank you, Nina. Ingat sa pag-uwi." At tuloy tuloy siyang pumasok sa sariling opisina.

Tinanggal niya ang itim na coat at inihagis sa nadaanang sofa habang ang dalang portfolio at tablet ay ibinaba niya sa lamesa. He seated on his swivel chair before opening the yellow kraft envelope on his table. He felt excited only to be dismayed about the pictures and the documents it contained. Basta na lang niya naihagis pabalik sa lamesa ang mga dokumento at mga litrato ng kung sinong babaeng iyon.

God! This is the 5th time and still! Naihilamos niya ang mga palad sa mukha. He fetched his phone in his pocket and dialed the hired investigator.

With a resigned tone he said. "You suck at your service. She's not the one I'm looking for. Hindi ko na kailangan ng serbisyo mo..."

"But sir..." He ended the call and leaned back to his chair, massaging his temples.

Was that difficult to find a woman nowadays?

"Aylin...Aylin..." He chanted her name in the air. "Was that even your real name? For the sake of my reputation why am I this fixated to a woman whom I just met once?" Ginulo niya ang sariling buhok. Images of Aylin singing at the make-shift stage flash before him. Then he started hearing that cold, soothing voice he instantly fell in love with.

That cold night at one of the hottest Beach resorts in Barranquilla, Columbia he met a woman in her skin tight faded jeans and black cropped top. Nakababa ang mahaba, at alon-alon na itim nitong buhok; tinatakpan ang exposed na balikat at likod. He got no make-up but in Vladimir's eyes, she's the most alluring woman among the Latinas.

And she's singing a familiar song at that time.

🎵My love
It's been a long time since I cried
And left you out of the blue
It's hard
Leaving you that way
When I never wanted to

Self-denial is a game
A stranger I never woulda want until
There was you
'Cause I have learned that love is beyond
What human can imagine
More it clears the more I gotta let you go

'Cause what I don't understand
Is why I'm feeling so bad now
When I know it was my idea
I could've just denied the truth and lied
But why am I the only one standing stranded
On the same ground?🎵

This is foolishness! He seriously thought months ago after that fateful trip to Columbia. In his mind, she's one the few women who caught his attention. It's always the other way around and Vladimir solely admits he's a true blue Casanova. And yet he resorted to hiring several private investigators just to know her? Frustrated, he got her flask in his drawer and drink its content. Mabilis na gumuhit ang mapait na lasa ng alcohol sa kanyang lalamunan.

"I should take a break from this..." He got another call and was surprised to see it was his brother. "Long time, no hear Volt! How's life in Berlin?"

"Satisfying until Dad wants me to marry this woman," Voltaire is a closeted gay and their father doesn't know it. It's been a secret between them. "Aren't he tired of shoving those women under my nose who always falls hard for you?"

"Did I sense jealousy in there?" He laughed hard when he shrieked.

"That's over the line, brother! You know I'm leaving my dream life with Paul," Paul was his partner for years. They have two sons, actually, all born to surrogate mothers; Vito and Vigo. "I'm sorry for bringing this up but I need your help again this time. This will be the last, I promise. Paul and I...were talking about meeting Dad with the kids. I want us to be legal." That put a genuine smile on his face.

"Finally!" Nilaro-laro niya sa mga daliri ang nadampot na ballpen. "Of course, anything for you and the boys." Just like before he'll use his charms to every woman their Dad, Mikel, introduce to Volt as potential partner. Those woman easily falls for him and loses interest to his brother. "So who's the unlucky girl this time?"

"I think her name is Samantha Aubry..." Ngumisi siya. Maybe she needed a diversion this time. He had to give some credit to their father. Bukod sa pulos nanggaling sa mayamang pamilya ang inirereto nito ay magaganda naman talaga ang mga dalaga. The typical prim and proper heiress.

"Consider it done." Oh, He can't wait to see her.

NAMAMANAAG na ang araw sa loob ng silid nang magmulat ng mga mata si Cielo. Bahagya pa siyang nasilaw sa liwanag kaya napapikit siyang muli. She yawned and stretched, reaching for the warm male body she knew must still be beside her. Except...he wasn't. For a long moment there was silence and that began the internal battle in her mind. Surely he hadn't left, right? Not after what had happened last night...

Kipkip ang comforter sa dibdib ay umupo siya sa kama. She felt lost in thought as she wondered her eyes on the room, setting aside the soreness her body feels last night. Ang daming naglalaro sa isip niya bakit siya nasa ganoong sitwasyon.

Was she just a casual lay for him? Cielo fought hard not to cry as tears started to swell up in her eyes. Hindi niya alam na matapos ang isang napakagandang bagay na pinagsaluhan nila ay mabilis na mapapaltan nang di matawarang sakit sa damdamin. Probably Marco was thinking she's so eager for him. How naive she was to submit wantonly on him? At ngayong nakuha na nito ang gusto magiging isang babae na lang ba siya na dumaan sa buhay nito? And there she thought what they did was more than a casual thing.

Itinupi niya ang mga tuhod hanggang sa dibdib at niyakap iyon na parang bata. She's about to cry out when Marco came inside the room holding the breakfast tray in hands. Relief flooded her systems as he approached her. Nakasuot lang ito ng gray sweatpants at walang pang itaas. Halata ring bagong ligo dahil mamasa-masa pa ang buhok.

"Was there something wrong?" He asked softly. Ibinaba muna nito ang dalang tray malapit sa kanyang paanan bago inabot ng mga kamay ang kanyang mukha. He looked worried as he caressed her face. "May pagsisisi ka ba sa nangyari kagabi?" Umiling siya sa pagtanggi.

"No," she said honestly. She felt wonderful last night. He made her wanting for more till she could not take it. It was pure bliss. "Wala akong pinagsisisihan, Marco. Kaya lang..."

"Kaya lang..." Cielo looked away but Marco is Marco. He'll make you talk of whatever's in your mind.

And it terrified her that he had such devastating effect on her. She could feel her blood pounding in her ears, echoing her erratic heartbeat.

"I- 'll understand if you don't want to be physical anymore, to see me anymore dahil nakuha mo na ang gusto mo,"  she said, looking down. "Really, so if you want me or us to forget about last night I'm okay with that."

He sighed.

"Well, I'm not. I don't want either of us to forget what happened last night, Cielo," he said. " Tumingin ka sa akin."

Reluctantly she looked up, expecting to see derision in his eyes. Instead, he was all serious-looking down at her.

"You've gone bad and now be a good girl, Cielo and listen carefully," pinalis nito ang ilang butil ng luha sa kanyang pisngi. "This is the only first of many teachings I'm doing with you. Only with you. We'll enjoy this crazy situation till it lasts. Are you with me?"

"I don't think..."

"I want you," ilang beses na nitong nasabi iyon pero iba ang naging dating niyon ngayon sa dalaga. Was she needed on a more complex meaning of it? "I want this for as long as we're both into it. I'm gonna make you feel everything. I'm gonna make you feel it..." As if she hadn't felt enough of last night, she obliged wholeheartedly. He then smiles and asks her if she prefers to have a warm bath first or eat up. Pinili niya ang una at sa gulat niya ay binuhat siya nito at dinala sa banyo.

She felt heaven when he put her down on the bathtub filled with lukewarm water. As she scrubs her body, Marco was lathering her hair with shampoo. Nakakatuwang pagmasdan ito na tutok na tutok sa paghugas ng buhok niya. Oh so serious that he hadn't expected when she splashed water  on him. Nabasa ang buong katawan nito kaya nagdesisyong samahan siyang maligo. Hindi nito pinatulan ang kakulitan niya. Instead, They stayed in the tub for like half
an hour talking about their interest while she's in his protective embrace before washing off.

She wore one of his robes and start to eat the hearty breakfast she had made. Ngayon kasi ang shoot at sasamahan siyan nito doon. He assured her all will be well. Nakadagdag sa kumpiyansa niya na sinabi nitong isa siyang natural seductress. Ide-deny niya sana kung di lang nito pinaalala ang nangyari kahapon. Muntikan na siyang masamid sa iniinom na tubig habang detalyado nitong inilahad ang pangse-seduce niya.

Nakasuot na ng casual white v-neck shirt at dark denim jeans ang binata at kasalukuyang inaayos ang relo sa kamay ng may tumawag dito. He excused himself but she overheard the name of the caller.

It's Poleen.

Naibaba niya ang mga kubyertos at nawalan na ng ganang kumain. Her fears, uncertainties are back again, eating her up. Poleen will always be in the picture. She's the fiance. She'll be the permanent person in Marco's life and what they have was all temporary. A momentary enjoyment of each other's company.

All along she thought she's going with the flow of what life has to offer for him. When she learned her engagement with Stef, she accepted it with no buts. She knew her worth and her Lolo Arman wanted only the best for her.

Yet here she was, in the bed of Marco Fuentebella, feeling like a kept woman while he talked happily to his fiance somewhere else. It felt nauseous how she was reduced to this as she permitted his proposal. Kahit saang tingnan, their arrangement was that of a secret affair; mali sa lahat ng anggulo pero pinili niyang sundin ang utos nito. Unfortunately, that was something Cielo was becoming all too aware off.

"Ang konti ng kinain mo," untag nito sa kanya. Hindi nakatakas sa kanya ang pagsilid nito ng cellphone sa bulsa. She put some paper bags on the bed, must be changing clothes. "Do you want anything?"

Ano ba ang gusto ko? Tanong niya sa isip nang  umupo ito sa kanyang tabi at tiningnan ang halos di nagalaw na pagkain at bumalik sa kanyang mukha.

"Wala naman," she said forcing a smile. "I guess kabado lang ako para mamaya kaya wala akong appetite ngayon." Afraid he could read what's on her mind, tumayo siya at inabala ang sarili sa pagtingin sa kung ano ang laman ng mga bags. Tama siya, mga damit ang laman niyon at lahat ay tama ang sukat.

"I can sense something is bothering you," he stood and walked in front of her. "Whenever you're ready you can tell me, Cielo. You can always tell me anything. Will give you anything you want just say it..." Napapikit siya nang dumampi ang labi nito sa kanyang noo. His words and gestures are promising but can he really give her that one thing her heart trully desires?

Cielo now was sure she was getting into deeper waters.

But he didn't need to know about that.

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