“Let me placed my bag there,” I told them and put it on the vacant space. Gio looked at my bag and he gets it.

“Woah, this is heavy. What is the stuff inside?” he questioned and opened it. His eyes widened when he opens the bag.

“It’s just a phone and wallet? Why is this heavy?”

“It’s because it’s a leather bag and expensive” Eloisa replied to him.

“Why leather is this? Answer it if you know” Joshua teases Eloisa that makes her silent.

Gio gets my phone and as usual, he’s going to have a photo again. “Let me have a picture here huh?” 

“As if I can do something since you’re already holding it” I replied to him casually and everyone laughs.

I get some pasta, rice cake and a pizza from the table. When I saw there is a barbeque, I get two sticks as

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