I stood up and greeted them. “Hello, freakin’ classmates! It’s been a while since the last time we’re in the same class!” The last time we’re in one class is on 8th Grade.

“You’re so stagy!” Cecilia said while her eyes are wide.

“Lou became dramatic now!” and Gedie laughs.

“K fine. Get lost!” and I turned my back on the two

“It’s a joke! You get easily mad! So where are our seats?” Cecilia asked.

“There!” And I pointed out the direction where Vianca and I was seating.

“This is Vianca, my 9th Grade classmate” I introduced Vianca to Gedie and Cecil. Cecilia seated on the aisle of the second row while I’m in the middle beside of Vianca. 

I’m doubting why Gedie seat in front of us besides a guy and she’s smirking. What a flirtatious.

“Gedie you’re flirting again!!!” Cecilia said in saucer eyes.

“Sssssh! I’m not!” and she does a quiet sign

Adeleine came – cousin of Vianca so I decided to seat beside of Gedie so Adeleine can seat with her cousin. 

When I moved next to Gedie I noticed that she’s pinching my arm so I looked at her. I saw a romantic-excitement on her face.

“Ouch?! What’s happening to you?” I asked her.

“Do you still remember my crush on 4th grade until now??” she asked whispery. 

“That Gio something???” I asked in a whispery voice also.


“Then what?” I asked because I don’t have an idea what’s happening on her

“Look on your right slowly.” I followed what she said. I slowly turn my head to my right side and my eyes got big because of what I saw. 

WTF??? Gio is our CLASSMATE???

I saw him busy playing on his phone. Plants VS. Zombies. What a childish game for his age.

“He was your classmate during 9th Grade, right? You used my photoshop to edit your photos together!” 

“Yes, that’s was it! I think this is the plan of destiny for us!” Gedie said in tantalizing eyes.

Wait. Does it seem he didn’t remember me??? I would like to remind him that he owes me then he doesn’t know how to greet? Or he couldn’t hear me because he’s wearing an earphone?

One unfamiliar teacher enters our classroom. I think she’s one of the new teachers.

“Is this 10 Locsin?” she asked while wandering her eyes inside of our classroom.

“Yes Ma’am” we responded peacefully.

“So you have your adviser which is Ma’am Jenny but she was transferred to a different school. Are you guys familiar to her?”

“Yes, Ma’am. She was our teacher when we were 7th Grade” A student answered. 

“Hmm. So, it means, you don’t have an adviser yet. I would like to make a takeover. Hehe. I’ll get this section so wait for me.” She came out carrying the master list of our section. She looks kind because of the way she talks. It’ calmly. She doesn’t look like a terror teacher because of her optimistic aura.

After a few minutes, she came back while smiling.

“So guys, I’m your new adviser hehe. The principal approves it and don’t worry, I am a kind teacher!” She said in a glad tone.

“Alright! That’s what we want!” a student responded.

“So, let me introduce myself first. I am Ms. Renie Mendoza. Yes, I’m a newbie in this school. My first teaching career was in private. And I chose to transfer here seeking for other opportunities. I’m a Mathematics Major Teacher and I will be your Math Teacher in this whole school year.” She introduced. Woah, a Mathematics teacher. My weakness subject.

“Don’t worry. I’m not a terror teacher. I’m not selfish when it comes to grades because I experienced to be a student before. And as long as you’re doing and passing those activities, coming to my class and listening to me every day, I’ll swear to God that you’re going to pass without any difficulties. My number one belief is no student should be left behind. And I thank you!” She added and acting like she’s on Miss Universe. I’m hoping that all that she has said is true because that’s what I want too. I love terror teachers because we learn how to discipline ourselves but sometimes, it’s constrictive.

“I love it!” Frankie said.

“Of course!!!” and the teacher flips her hair. So far, she looks generous. 

“Since I’m done introducing myself, introduce yourself starting there!” and she pointed our direction.

Jeez! I was suddenly becoming nervous. My heart pounds aggressively because I’m not prepared.

“I’m the first, Ma’am? I’m not prepared!” Gedie said.

“It’s okay! What if this is recitation? You’ll lose the points because you’re not prepared! Come here in front. Use space here!” I became more nervous. I feel shy about the people I don’t know. My self-esteem is not that high yet. Gedie stands and comes in front of the class.

“Good morning everyone! I’m Gedie Ramos. You can call me Gedie hehe” she introduced in a shy voice as if she’s a shy type of person! 

“So, what are your hobbies? Age? Talent? Motto?” Ma’am added.

“Ma’am I’m 15 years old. My hobby is to sleep. Talent? I can draw. Motto? What are you going to the grass if the eater is already dead. Hehe, thanks.” She bowed and came back to her seat.

“Woah! Your motto is unique! I only heard it now.” Ma’am said sarcastically while smiling.

“Next!” I scratched my head and I went in front feeling embarrassed. 

“Good morning everyone! Good morning Ma’am! I’m Homber Lewis Verdetto. I’m 15-year-old stunner and proud member of LGBT----” I introduced myself when Ma’am cut me off from what I was saying.

“Oh wow! Your name is unique! El hombre is a Spanish name which means man or Christian. Then Lewis is an Italian name related to Ludwig, Louis and Luigi.” Ma’am explained that makes me shocked.

“What’s your nickname?” she asked politely.

“You can call me Lou. L-O-U” I answered.

“Don’t you like Louis? And why Lou? It’s far from Lewis!” she said while laughing.

“Hehehe. I don’t even know because that’s what my family calls me often”

“Hmmm great. Other than that?”

“None!” I smiled and I went back to my seat. Thankfully, Ma’am has trivia about my name and I survived from her questions. Because of what she has said, I realized my name is unique. 

Gio when in front and he started introducing himself.

“I’m Homber Giovanni Kardenies. I’m 15 years old. Hobbies? I think to sleep and watching movies. Talents? I sing and dance. Motto? Be a better you, for better you. That’s all” and he sat down. I saw my classmate’s reaction especially the girls! Shudder is evident on their faces.

“Oh! Homber Giovanni. Spanish and Italian words. Giovanni means John while Homber can be Christian or a man. Nice name! Two of you has unique names!” Ma’am said. Just now it sinks into my mind that we have the same first name? Woah. Our second name is Italian too! Wth? Do our parents are a fan of Italian-Spanish Movies?

“Uhm, Homber?” Ma’am asked that made me look at her.

“Yes Ma’am?” Gio and I answered at the same time that makes our classmates look on us.

“I'm sorry but I’m pertaining to Giovanni hehe. Sorry!”

“It’s alright Ma’am!” I answered and I shut my mouth.

“What do people usually call you?

“Some people call me Johnny. Some are Gino but I prefer Gio for short.” Gio explained. Johnny? What a childish name for his age! Haha!

“Interesting. Lou and Gio. What an Italian unique name!” The teacher said in a glad voice.

The whole morning just passed to introduce ourselves in different subjects. Some of the teachers are kind but we have terrors also. That is inevitable. Our classes will be shortened for PM Shifts to give them spare time to find their sections... 

Cecil, Gedie and I are currently here in the court. Just loitering while eating egg waffles or Kwek-kwek in Filipino that is drenched in vinegar.

“This is our last year in Junior High guys! Let’s make this a memorable one! I hope this school year is full of happiness and positivity.” I said while staring on the stage. 

“The final day will come that we’re going to accept our diplomas in that stage. And that will be our last walk there.” I added.

“Do you hear something? Where is that voice came from?” Cecil asked in a widen eyes.

“Just let it be!!! Don’t mind it!” Gedie said while eating her egg waffles and laughing. What a psycho.

“OUUUCH!!!!!!!” their reaction because I strike their heads.

“Let’s go to the classroom! It’s dismissal already” I see students coming out from their room sign of dismissal.

“LET’S GO!!!” Cecil said and we ran fast together heading to our classroom. It’s 11 in the morning. Our dismissal sometimes is 12 noon or 1 PM depends on our schedule and if there’s an activity.

We entered our classroom and we see a few students remaining. It means others came home early.

“Where do we hang out? It’s too early!!?” Cecil asked while wiping her mouth.

“Let’s go to Shane’s house! For sure she’s home already!” and Gedie pulled our arms and we started running again.

“Wait, girl! I can’t carry my bag properly!” I let go my arms from grasp and she laughs annoyingly that makes me irritated. What a crap.

I fixed my bag and I heard someone called my name.

“Lewis!!! Wait!!!”

I turned my back from the direction of the voice and I saw Homber Giovanni, running to my direction.

“Here’s what I owed last week! I apologized I just got it back today!” and he handed me an envelope.

“Oh! That’s not a problem though!!!” I answered politely and I smiled genuinely.

“Okay thank you again!!! I'm going to go!!! Thank you so much!” he’s about to walk but I call him.

“Uhm, Giovanni. Just Lou for short!” I said smilingly and he did the same. What the heck! His deep dimples are prominent.

“Lou, Gio for short! hehe! I have to go!” And he finally left. I looked at the envelope he gave me and I smiled at what I saw.

To: Lewis

Thank you for lending me this! :)

From: Giovanni

“What happened girl??? We’re about to leave but we noticed that you’re missing!” I hid immediately the envelope when Cecil and Gedie arrived. But like my classmates earlier, shudder is evident on my face...

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