Chapter 4 I Hope She Dies

The car shook violently on the dark roads in the suburbs. A woman screamed inside the car, but no one heard her...

"Hunter, I love you so much, but you can't see it. Instead, you love that evil woman! Are you blind?!"

Why would Hunter believe Emlyn? The love she was talking about was just her seeking revenge on Eve!

The real evil woman was Emlyn!

He thrust even harder to punish her when he thought of that. He said, "It's not up to you to tell me who I love!"

Emlyn gritted her teeth and bore down on the man's madness.

A phone rang. It was Hunter's. The name on the screen indicated that it was Boris Young calling.

Hunter was still on top of Emlyn when he picked up the call. A middle-aged man could be heard crying, "Hunter! Hunter! Eve is committing suicide. She wants to see you one last time!"

This was the first time Hunter had ever left before satisfying his sexual needs.

The car sped along the road back to the city. Emlyn fiddled with her fingers and said, "Eve might not die b
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