Chapter 41 I Want Her Dead

"I want Emlyn Young dead!" The plausibility that Emlyn was still alive had never crossed Eve Young's mind and she had only grudgingly consented to be Emlyn's replacement with the presumption that Emlyn was dead. However, to her horror, Emlyn was still alive and her world had come crashing down as if she had failed her life mission.

Jenna fixated her eyes on Hunter Shield and extended her arms as she pouted dismally, too frightened to raise her voice. "Daddy, hug me. Everywhere hurts and I'm hungry..."

Hunter's suppressed emotions were on the verge of spilling over and his eyes reddened. Jenna obviously regarded him as a pillar of support, endearingly calling him 'Daddy', but he had failed her in her most urgent moment of need.

"Jenna, be a good girl and stay put. I'll take you to grab a bite to eat soon."

Jenna reluctantly dropped her hands to hug herself as she sulked and sullenly agreed, "I won't move, I'll wait here for Daddy."

Eve was blinded by hatred at the intimacy between
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