"What are you sorry for, Jocelyn?"

His voice was still flat and void of any emotions and that wasn't any help.

Again, he'd called her Jocelyn, not Jojo and the effect of that unfamiliarity was like a sucker punch to her gut.

What was she sorry for, he'd asked.

She could come up with a hundred and one reasons, but the words only sat heavy on the tip of her tongue, refusing to go past her lips.

Where was that deep grovelling speech she's been practising our and over again in her head ever since Fayre waltzed her way into this room today, hot on her relentless pursuit of Jordan.

Right, it has deserted her now that she needed it most.

"You are not saying anything, Jocelyn."

Again, that unfamiliar sound of her fullname.

It hurt something inside her to hear him use it and it only hurt worse knowing that she'd been the reason he'd had to.

It made the shame engulfing her even stronger and harder to bear because his pain was bare and raw in that word.

She wished she could take it back, take th
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