Dinner with uncle Ferdie came around so fast.

And Jojo was stuck deciding what to wear.

Her fashion sense sucks and for the life of her she couldn't decide what looked good.

she wanted to look good enough tonight hoping to leave the impression that she was still keeping her family afloat with uncle Ferdie.

The man could get a little meddling if he thinks anything was so much as a little wrong.

He was controlling like that.

She stood at the foot of her bed, in her towel, considering the three options she's set out.

You can never go wrong with a floral print, right?

That's a black dress! Her subconscious snapped.


The other was a........maybe red, or was that pink, casual dinner dress.

And finally, there was the one she was banking her hopes on.

That snug fitting, off the off the shoulder gown that Jordan had left her the morning after that first night she'd spent here.

She was really considering wearing it tonight.

If only she hadn't been so stubborn and rejecting Jordan's ever
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