Fayre didn't like the impenetrable blank look that sat dominantly on Jordan's face.

But she knew she had him right where she wanted him and it excited her.

It was there in his voice, slightly, but she knew it.

He cared too much about that two cents worth personal assistant of his to let her waltz over there to her desk and break his golden secret to her.

The joy it'd bring her to watch that face scrunch up in hurt and pain.

She was sure the little, naive thing knew nothing and she intended to keep it that way, but first, she wanted Jordan in her clutch.

"What the fuck do you want!?"

That anger and frustration she craved was becoming more obvious in his tight voice and she wondered just how much longer she could pull before he snapped.

She didn't push her luck though, this opportunity was too golden to pass.

The man was a fucking gol

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