While JoJo looked forward to seeing everyone back home, she hadn't been expecting to open the door to Brooks.

Usually, it was her energy ball of a sister with a mouth bigger than her barreling through those doors and into them, not Brooks and definitely not with tears in the old woman's eyes.

All the worries and questions she'd been trying to keep at bay since that call Jordan took in the car came rushing back into her head with a vengeance as she held a crying Brooks to her body.

Her first thought was her mother.

Brooks have gotten so used to the woman that it'd take something happening to her to have the woman loosing this much tears with equal fear in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Jocie, I should have done better."

She heard her mutter as the tears continued to come.

"What happened to my mother, Brooks?"

She asked, an uninvited quiver in her voice, making her sound less confident than she'd have liked.

The older woman's ey

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