Meghan was caught between a rock and a literally hard place and it was not a comfy place to be in.

She's known all along that this day would come but she'd never expected it to be this soon.


The day she'd have to crawl out of the dark harbor she'd let herself sink into and do something about all she knew.

It felt years too late, she'd kept quiet for too long.

Fuck that monster for everything he did and herself too for letting the fear of him and what he could do to her daughters kill the woman she'd been and turn her into this dumb vegetable she's become.

"Mum please say something, I need you to tell me what they want. Help me save Riley." She could hear Jocie's frantic pleading next to her.

The knowledge of her youngest being in captivity in the hands of those vessels of evil and the sight of her oldest kneeling beside her and bawling her eyes out spurred her, filling her with the anger and courage that she needed to get

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