With the poor signalling in the fucking garage, it took a while before Brad got the signal from Jordan's device but he did, at least he'd believed it to be his own coming from somewhere inside, and he had to do some thinking before he proceeded.

Albeit the fact that this was his most I'll prepped rescue mission, it wasn't his first and he knew the drill.

The fucking signal was stationary, and if there's anything he knew about Jordan, it was that the man wouldn't be standing at a spot for as long as this one was.

Jordan was a hot blooded fellow under fire and sometimes that pushed him to go irrational, acting before thinking and if that was the case currently, it only meant one thing.

Thry weren't going in to rescue a little girl now, they had his best friend to think of now too.

Those bastard obviously had him and that didn't bode well for them, he had to think and act fast.

It was confirmed when he got the guys to converge and he turn

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