JoJo had it in her hands, the key to everything, to all their pain and fears and the mysteries and it felt so fucking small, do trivial in its size.

It was her father's old watch, she could remember it from the years when she'd been younger.

It was funny how all these details hadn't registered with her in all her rush to get to it, to retrieve it and save her sister.

The hassle at the creepy firm she'd just been at and the ridiculously over priced ride home hadn't mattered one bit to her.

It had all passed in a blur and she'd been standing over the phone waiting for the call to come in asking for it so she can go to wherever they want to drop it off, be it the end of the earth.

But when it did, it had been Brad instead, asking her to stay put and giving her the best news she's heard all day.

Her baby was okay.

She couldn't wait to hold her again and confirm for herself that she was indeed okay.

And while she waited, she's paced

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