Chapter 12

What do the people of Ursla want from me?!

"Do you want me to drive them away?"  Henry asked

I shook my head. I will face them. I thanked and apologized to the staff because of the inconvenience that the crowd caused.

Henry instructed me to walk behind him. When he opened the door, a group of people gathered outside the boulangerie kneeled and bowed before him.

Hold on a second. The novel indicates that the people of Ursla didn't show respect towards the Emperor. Many men were executed because of treason. People here are always doing mass demonstrations whenever the members of the Imperial family are around.

Hmmm. This novel was told in Cassiopeia's perspective so there might be inaccuracies when it comes to other details. She hasn't visited Ursla too so I'm clueless now. Never mind. There ar

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