Chapter 2 Bump into her

"Strange things conspire when one tries to cheat fate."-Rick Riordan

Dominic POV

It was 8 am in the morning. I went to my room and started my routine with a cup of coffee. It was served by my secretary every morning.

I put down the pen in my hand and look at my phone when I heard the ringtone. "Morning, Will." I greeted the caller.

"Morning, bro. How are you?"

"Still survive," I laughed. "What makes you call me so early?"

"Nah, just want to ask if our CEO is free tonight. Remember last week you said you will free your time and visit me at my bar." I heard his cheerful voice on the line and I can imagine he raised his eyebrows when he reminded me about my promise last week.

"Of course, bro. I will free my time tonight since it is Friday night."

"Yeah, that's my bro," I laughed when he said that.

"See you at 8 pm." I hang up the phone once we said bye. William is one of my best friends. I often hang around at his bar when I am free. That is where we will release our stress after work and have a few drinks.  Not for every day but normally on Friday night or weekend.


At night

Dominic POV

I decided to wear a grey casual t-shirt with black jeans and a leather jacket. It just wrapped my body perfectly. That's the pay for going to the gym frequently. I looked at the mirror and check my appearance before leaving my penthouse.

"Hey, bro," I walk to the crowd that I'm familiar with. William, Andrew, and Sebastian were seated there with their drinks. Four of us knew each other’s since college time and we are close until now.

We slightly hugged each other. I pulled an empty chair and joined them.

"What do you want to drink, Dom?" William asked casually.

"Like normal? No alcohol tonight?" Andrew interrupted before I answer William. I can see he smiled tried to tease me.

They knew I'm not taking any alcoholic drink and I never like one. I knew it is kinda rare but it is just me. "Yeah, like normal. Just give me a coke."

"What a good man ya." We just laugh at what Andrew said.

Arabella POV

I'm wearing an off-shoulder fit dress in grey color. It fit perfectly on my body. I untied my hair and let it fall. My long brown hair looks perfect tonight with its curls. I put light makeup and pair it with a grey heel.

I have been forced by Jess to accompany her to the bar. She is having a bit tough time with her work recently. She knew that I don't really like bars but she still pleaded with me to accompany her tonight. I can't refuse her request and I understand her stress with the work.

"You look so pretty today," she said when I open her car's door and entered.

"Stop with your sweet words. I didn't do anything special on my appearance today." I rolled my eyes at her and attacked her with my words.

She laughed at my words. "It's true, Ara. I love your body. It looks so perfect with that dress."

We chit-chat until we reach the bar; Heavenly Bar. That is the name of the bar. We will just have some drinks and spend time together. That was her way to release her stress and I just accompany her.

I heard loud music once we entered the bar. It was so crowded with people. Not sure if it was like this every night or only on Friday night. I can see people drink and dance happily. Jess dragged me to the second floor and we choose the table at the corner. I prefer this place as it was quiet than the lower floor. The music wasn't too loud and I prefer it like this since we don't have to scream at each other when we talk.

"Ara, what is your plan with Matt?" Jess started the conversation after the waiter delivered our drinks.

I sighed when I heard the name. "I'm not sure but I tried not to have any contact with him. I don't want to involve with him anymore," I answered and sips on my drink.

"But you know he is still after you, right?"

"I knew but I don't care. I already told him last week that I don't want to continue our relationship anymore. I don't love him, Jess. Instead, I'm scared of him." Jess squeezed my hand lightly as she understood what I had gone through with Matt.

"What if you try to make a police report that he abuses you? You can't hide from him forever. I'm sorry about your safety too."

"No..I can't. I don't want to drag this issue and I don't want to be in the spotlight of the media. You know how scary it will be."

"I understand. Oh my-" I heard Jess gasped and she was in shock. Her eyes gazed at something. I turned that way and I saw Matt talking with one blonde girl beside him.

I gasped and looked at Jess with a finger on my lips gave her a sign to be silent. It was too late when Matt turned to our table and he noticed us. I heard him called my name and I immediately stood from my chair. I need to escape before he catches me.

"Ara, run!" I heard Jess's voice behind me. I ran as fast as I can until I bumped into a hard body in front of me which made me almost fall on the floor until I felt someone catch my body.


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