Chapter 6 Catch me if you can

I choose you over everyone.” -Rainbow Rowell

Arabella POV

"Oh God," I was really pissed off with this guy. I watched as he left me and went to the restroom.

"What should I do now," I muttered to myself.

At that time, my eyes suddenly saw something on the dining table. I smile at the idea that suddenly popped-out from my mind. A wallet. No, to be exact, his wallet. I know this wasn't good behavior but it still needs to be done. Slowly, I spun around to make sure that he wasn't there and once I confirmed that everything was clear, I opened his wallet and grabbed a few notes. Just enough for the cab fare. I asked for a pen from the waiter and wrote something on a piece of tissue.

'Catch me if you can.-Ms. Stubborn'

I placed it on the table under his wallet so the tissue won't fly away. I quickly moved from the chair and walked out of the place.

I walked a few steps away from the restaurant and looking for a cab furiously. I need to be fast before being caught red-handed. I surely will be dead by that time. I don't even know what his intention of keeping me with him was. We are just stranger that met twice accidentally.  I saw a cab coming towards where I stood and I immediately hailed the cab to stop. I entered once the cab stopped and told the driver the address of my home. I turned to the back and looked at the restaurant once the driver started to press the pedal. Just to make sure I'm safe. I blew out a heavy breath. Finally, this is going to end.

After spending around 30 minutes on the road, I finally arrived at my condo. I stay here alone. Normally, I went to visit my parents during the weekend or on holiday. My family mansion is just two hours away from my place but I prefer to stay alone.

I paid for the fare with the notes that I stole from him. Nah, I will surely return the money to him if I meet him again next time. But deep down, I prayed that I will never bump into him for the third time which I’m sure if that happens I will need another escape from him again. I won't be that unlucky, right? Sighed.

This feels like an escape from the tiger but bumped into a wolf at the end. But still, I feel more secure to be with him compared to Matt that having a bad habit to released his anger to me physically and worst, mentally. I get rid of the thought that running non-stop in my mind. I thank the driver and ran to the entrance.

Dominic POV

I watched her quietly from my car as she closed the door and entered the condominium. She never thought that she just fall into my trap tonight. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw the short message that she wrote on the tissue. 'Catch me if you can,' I smiled thinking how cute she acts. I knew she will run away from me so I purposely left my wallet on the dining table. She never noticed that I followed the cab behind. All I want to know is where she stays and I just want to ensure her safety. I'm not going to let her ex-lover catch her again. Not this time. That should be my task for now. Only me. This girl turned me into a possessive man.

I drove my car away once I confirmed that she was safe. By knowing where she stays it will be easy for me to find her in case I wanted to. I took out my phone and searched for the contact while my other hand holds the steering tightly. I touched on the green button once I saw the name.

"Hi, Anthony," I greeted when the line was connected.

"Hi, friend. How are you?" He asked with a cheerful voice on the other line.

"Marvelous!" I chuckled happily and I heard his soft laughter too.

"Such a good mood," I heard his soft laughter. "Anything that you need my help at this hour?"

"Yeah, as you can sense. I need to know more about someone."

"Opss, correction. It should be you want to know more."

"Ah, whatever, Anthony. You are enjoying this, don't you?"

"Extremely!" He exclaimed. "Just give me the name and I know what to do."

"Great! I will send you her name later."

"Her, as expected!" Anthony and his overreacted behavior. I shook my head.

"Yup, her.

She is a girl so I'm using 'her'," I said pressed on the last word. I heard him chuckled on the line.

"It will be some good news right?" He said tried to dig something from me.

"Just use your expertise and get me what I want. The good news will follow at the right time," I smiled thinking about some possibility between me and my Ms. Stubborn.

"Ok, ok. No problem. Send me the data and I will do my best so that I can hear that good news," he sounds excited.

"Ok!" I turned the off button. I will get to know everything with Anthony's help. This is going to be fun. He is one of the best investigators or we called him a spy. Just with one click of his fingers, he can find whatever information about anyone and for now, I will utilize his expertise. Ara, just wait


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