It's been two days since they arrived at Lakewood. It was Sunday morning around 7 am, jasper was awake he didn't know why because, it was very unusual for him to be awake by this time of the morning. He got up from the bed wearing only his briefs and the fluffy catty slippers that Mrs. Baldwin gifted him two months ago. He entered the bathroom, opening the cabinet he took out his brush and toothpaste, closing the cabinet, he swore he saw a lady behind him in the mirror, he opened the cabinet and closed it he saw the lady, this time he took a closer look at her, she looked almost normal except that her skin was too pale, he closed the cabinet again and was about to open it,

"hey babes, morning" 

"Morning babes" he replied nonchalantly, brushing his teeth

Ignoring his tone " why you looking like you seen a ghost"

"That's because I saw one right where you're standing" he mumbled incoherently

"What did you say" 

"Nothing babes, I'll be

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