Chapter 8. The Early Rain

The darkest days are always before the morning. The early rain is a sign of dismay. The howling of evil birds filled our creeks on that specific dawn, howling the sound of tragedy innovating an evil omen.

We had expected this day, prepared for the way to total decimation, imagined this apocalypto.

The early rain fell heavily in our community sending chills into our veins. The splatter of the rain rhymed to the loud cohorts of gunshots. He watched as soldiers tore into our homes, shooting and killing every living creature. 

“Mama, we can’t stay here” I cried. We knew we couldn’t put up with hiding anymore but where do we run to?

Every path seems to have been torn to shreds, every direction creating a wind of confusion. We had not expected such dawn. 

The rains came down heavily as their lorries landed, the soldiers released gunshots into the air sending terror to varying homes. I peered out through the

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