Chapter 9. When it All Fades

We persevered relentlessly into the jungle. We fell, stood up, dusted ourselves and continued our scavenging for survival.

We could see the fading ashes of our community burning, the spiritual life forms rooted as gases transcending into the atmosphere. Silent tears dripped from my eyes as I watched all I had ever go away, distant relatives, friends, my community turned into ashes and dust. 

Mama fell to the ground, her weight pulling us down with her. Our strengths were sapped out, I pulled myself once more trying to defeat the weakness in my muscles.

“You can do this” I tried to convince myself.

“Leave me continue running” mama breathed out words which I could never obey. I kept quiet as I pondered on the antidote to this phenomenon I took a small branch of a tree, utilizing it as a walking stick to aid mama support herself on my shoulder.

“We will make it together” I tried to assure her whil

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