Chapter 10. Saving Grace

Nelson Mandela once said “They can take all that we have, break our bones, make us bleed but what they cannot break is our spirit."

We slept in front of mama’s corpse, we could not move forward, strive for survival which was only futile. My mind captured with so many dark thoughts “Why not they kill me too?”

What was the real value of life – Nothingness.

I woke to find that the moon had covered the skies, the atmosphere very serene. I turned my gaze to the direction where my mother lay lifeless on the grass – streek of silent tears clouded my eyes.

“God, why!” I soliloquized. I could not comprehend why our metaphysical creator and protector would desert us when we really needed his solace. I felt this feeling of void space left porous in my heart. A part of my mind was mocking my existence, it kept on deepening the scar in my heart. 

I felt so rejected, dejected – we had been subjected to t

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