Chapter 11. Hope

It had been a month since we came to the refugee camp. The camp was a big catholic church being protected by a group of soldiers from ECOSOC.

The camp shattered many people, probably about a thousand. It was not like home but we had learned to live in rough conditions. 

Food was shared every night by the humanitarian workers, we were locked inside the church compound being warned of the catastrophe of stepping out from the eyes of the soldiers.

Who cared!

No one went out, at least we had the protection of social workers and we believed that the war was not going to disrupt our terrain. “I Believed”… what else could we do but believe that darkness would not struggle us, we had suffered enough, lost loved ones, homes and even our own mentality. 

All we just wanted was for the war to be over, to be free at least from the scowling prowls of Hades.

We were fortunate to be alive. Where we?


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