A Poem Dedicated to Blood and Water. THE END

A poem dedicated to “blood and water” by Osuagwu Alexander.


What actually led me here

What have I done

Could I have saved him

Was I scared or stupid

Am writing to free my guilt

But reading this script

Literally pricks my conscience

All I did was watch

But I feel my ignorance was a sin

And it haunts me daily

I’ve always been wary

But this blame was mine

It was halp past nine

On that cold dark night

A scene pictographed in me 

My eyes met him afar

His heels were in motion

His eyes were red

Filled with undeniable fear

He was limping

His body filled with shivering

He kept on struggling

Being aware of his doomed fate

Because of his faith

An opposition of religion

Which innovated destruction

An environment where ethnicity

Has disrupted ethicality

And im

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