Chapter 5 Finally Got Rid of Her

Pearl City.

Shortly after a private jet landed at the airport, a grim-looking man walked out of its cabin door.

The chauffeur, who had been waiting, waited for him to enter the car before asking, "Sir, are we going back to the Serene Residence?"

The man looked resentful after hearing the words "Serene Residence".

"No, we're going back to the office first." Indifferent words came out of his thin lips. The chauffeur wanted to say something, but he immediately closed his mouth after glancing at the man through the rearview mirror.

"Why won't he appreciate a good woman like our madam?" The chauffeur pitied Scarlett, but he dared not voice it out.

He shook his head. It wasn't the place of subordinates to interfere in the family matters of influential people.

When the car stopped outside the Simmons Corporation, Jude said, "Leave the car and go back. I will drive home myself."

His orders were as direct and concise as him as a person.

He turned on his phone and saw seven missed calls
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