Chapter 10 Lying to Oneself and Others

A few days later, Eric and Jude received an invitation to their high school reunion.

They were childhood friends as well as high school classmates; they even studied at the same university abroad.

The high school reunion was held in a private lounge at the Marriott International Hotel. Though initially reserved, everyone soon eased up after several rounds of drinks later.

When Jude gave Eric a "this-is-freaking-boring look", Eric spread his hands with a wry smile. He wouldn't have come had he known that this reunion was nothing more than a flattering contest.

Knowing that Jude was running out of patience, he stood up. "Please go on without us, guys. Jude and I..." There was no reason to stay in such a boring gathering much longer.

Eric was about to bid everyone farewell when one of their drunk classmates interrupted him and asked loudly, "Simmons, I heard you have gotten divorced?"

His voice was so loud that everyone fell silent.

The man was positively intoxicated as he walked t
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