Chapter 24 Let's Celebrate

Eric didn't know what Jude was feeling at the moment, but it broke his heart to see his friend like this.

Time slowly passed until the sun began to set.

It had still been noon when they left the shareholders' meeting. Eric had spent half the day standing with Jude, accompanying him until the sun set in the west.

He had watched Jude stand still like a sculpture for the entire afternoon. He secretly massaged his legs. Although he was a man, he was still exhausted from standing for so long. Still, he dared not to make any noise.

Something was very wrong with Jude!

"Eric." When the sun gradually set behind a tall mountain, the man who had been silent for nearly the entire day finally spoke. Eric almost thought that he had misheard him.

"Eric." Jude's voice sounded hoarse as he pointed to the windowsill. "There used to be lilies there. Two stalks of Casablanca lilies with multiple flowers in a blue crystal vase."

Eric was about to comfort Jude.

Jude didn't give him any chance to and
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