Chapter 30 His Wife Is His Concern

Jude couldn't stop himself from hugging the headstone tightly and shouting in his hoarse voice, "Scarlett, I regret everything!"

He was wrong, so very wrong! He didn't realize that he had fallen in love with her a long time ago. What had he been doing all these years?!

There were so many opportunities for him to change his mind over the years, but what had he done with them? What had he done?!

It wasn't until she had died that he was willing to face the fact that he had fallen for her a long time ago.

It took much contemplation and reminiscing for him to realize just how great she had been and how nice it felt to have her around. Everything about her had long become a part of his life.

He had called her repulsive and his nemesis, but had he really hated her, he would have cut her off after Lucy's recovery... When was he ever that patient? When was he ever willing to endure the humiliation of being a "good guy" who wouldn't do anything?

It would have been all too easy for him to e
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