Chapter 34 Encounter

Two years later.

In the blistering hot weather, a black Bentley sought refuge under a tree.

In the backseat of the car that had caught the attention of numerous pedestrians was a grave-looking man.

He was neither smiling nor scowling. His face was apathetic, taciturn, and devoid of expression,

"Sir, are we going back to the Serene Residence?"

The chauffeur asked.

"Yeah," the man in the backseat replied.

The chauffeur started the engine and drove away.

Jude closed his eyes and dozed off.

A cold expression appeared on his chiseled face.

"The Serene Residence... is too quiet."

Every day, he would wake up in that cold and deserted place. Every night, he would fall asleep in the same coldness.

Still, the Serene Residence was the only place where he could peacefully fall asleep. No other place on earth could give him what little warmth that place offered.

Even if that place was terrifyingly cold, it was still where he had once experienced the warmest times of his life.


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