Chapter 48: Bewildered

Third person POV:

“Ravan…. Shabb…” Guddu lost his word as he walked inside Ravan mansion, his eyes went wide to see brutally slashed bodies of their own men in middle of Ravan hall area meanwhile Ravan was holding Aisha who was soaked with blood and had Ravan shirt covering her body, it did not took him long to realized what must have been the situation, he quickly headed towards Ravan keep his head to other side to avoid looking at helpless self of his bhabhi (Sister in law), “Take Amrita to hospital and immediately call a lady doctor” Ravan instructed in his deep and dangerous the instant he saw Guddu standing beside him voice all while Ravan kept had his both arms wrapped around Aisha where she was weeping on his chest by lightly squeezing her broken self more into his embrace, it was then Ravan felt her body which was badly shaking under his hol

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i love aisha and ravan... but... interrogation is coming but in ravan's way...
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ai y lin
this is it....

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