Chapter 61: Killer

Third person POV:

When Amrita exposed her past every single person present with her inside their living room were in deep shock except Aisha who was still having tons of questions lingered on her delicate face “So it was Vivan and his other officer who Raped Reva?” Aisha suddenly questioned her mother in cold voice with a raised eyebrow to which amrita simple lowered her head and nodded in agreement “So you mean to say……… it was only Vivan and……. his officer who Raped and killed Reva?” Aisha again questioned her mother in same tone hearing which her mother lightly turned her head to side seemingly avoiding her question “Maa, am asking you something…. Was it only Vivan and his officer who Raped and killed REVA?” Aisha again questioned her mother in heavy voice to which “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU AISHA&hellip

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Vivan will deserve worst of his fate??
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well he had appointed mukul to bring Aisha in India while he himself had never seen her in person, he met her for the first time when he saw her slapping his squad men on street and that was their very first meeting where Ravan ended up falling for Aisha in first sight?
goodnovel comment avatar
Author plz end the story's enough can't wait more...I'm bored of waiting

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