Chapter 5: Face to Face

Third person POV:

After Ravan and his men’s left, police called an ambulance who cleared dead bodies and their butchered heads of the road and opened the road block, as soon as road was cleared aisha’s Taxi driver quickly made his way to ‘Hilton garden Inn Lucknow’ and dropped Aisha where she paid him 15K for his service. It was almost midnight when Aisha checked in, she immediately called her grandparents and lie to them about her arrival at camp, after having a short talk she quickly hung call to avoid lying more. Aisha was still in shock thinking about the murder that she had witnessed just few hours back, she felt tired and scared thinking about it and went straight to her bed ,pulling her quilt up she allowed sleep to takeover her mind and body.

Next morning Aisha woke up early at 8 O’clock, she took a good look at her miserable face in nearby mirror, Puffiness and dark circles under her bright blue eyes looked horrible “Ohh.. God, I look nothing less than a zombie….” Aisha mummer under her breath looking at herself, she immediate hopped out of her bed and walked inside her washroom, she completed her morning and decided on taking quick shower, after taking short shower she came out and got dress in simple plain slim fitted blue jeans and lemon colored full sleeve loose partially woolen V neck T-shirt, while drying her honey brown hairs she surfed her mobile phone only to see a text from Unknown number , when she opened it , she was shock to see that it did not looked like a normal but looked more of like a warning, that message states “LEAVE INDIA BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE FOR YOU…!”, Aisha was quite shocked to see such weird text,  she was thinking about its sender When there was a gentel knock on her door hearing it she went stiff for couple of minute, but  there was again a knock on her door “What… who the hell can it be..?” She spoke to her herself, standing at one hand distance from her main door Aisha questioned “wh..Who… who.. is it…?” in shuttering voice “Room Service Ma’am” person on other side replied and aisha took a breath of relief, she quickly opened her door and a lady walked in with her cleaning tool kit and started cleaning Aisha room. Once cleaning lady left Aisha unpacked her bag and placed everything neatly in her wardrobe, she even placed her parent’s picture on her bed stand, she also took out metal grey colored box of her parents and started surfing through it again, inside along with ‘Ravan’ News paper articles she saw a ‘old letter’ and a ‘Pen drive’ Aisha was eagerly waiting to see it from last couple of days however she never found rite time to do so, As Aisha opened that smudgy letter she realized that it was some kind of official letter, which was printed on thick paper and had Indian government golden colored symbol on top also a police force stamp in the bottom finally she started reading it.

Letter Start

Dear Samuel and Amrita,

We know you both have taken retirement from your service and are now happily staying with your family. We are utterly grateful for you service so far also we are very pleased to know about your both loving family life. However we are in desperate need of your help I completing one assignment, we would have never bothered you both if situation wasn’t that urgent and important, You both were and are our best member from our team and we cannot trust anyone else apart from you both with this assignment, Especially because the situation we are dealing is arises by none other than ‘RAVAN’ .

We cannot share more details through letter, If you consider helping us and serving your country for one more time then you both very well know where and how to contact us. Do remember India’s future depend on your decision, we are eagerly waiting for your response.

Manohar Tyagi

(Director General of Police)

Letter End

Aisha was now hell confused after reading this letter, her parents always told her that they are working as Social worker in India, that they were helping and NGO for development of under privilege children’s in ruler areas, but if her parents were social workers, then why would a DGP an highest Ranking officer will seek help from them?, What kind of service did her parents provided that they took retirement from? Also why a social worker will be associated to help Indian police against a Mafia King , that to the one of cruelest and meanest Mafia ‘Ravan’?. Many questions were playing like a roller coaster ride in Aisha mind, when her eyes fell on Pen drive which was lying beside her, she quickly pushed away all thought and decided to check pen drive, Aisha quickly pulled out her laptop from her backpack and plugged in pen drive in one of the side slots, when her pen drive was ready to use a faint smile appeared on her face which lasted only for split second before her laptop screen said “Password Protect”, her face went gloomy looking at Password protected pen drive “What the Fuc…” she said “what’s so hidden in it that you protected it with a password?” she added, Aisha quickly tried few combination but nothing worked, finally after 3 wrong attempt a message popped up saying “DANGER: Access restricted for Use”, Aisha was learning literature and so she wasn’t that familiar with More of technical terms, “God… what NOOooo Nooo…. Ohh Fuck Why does it say danger and restricted, did I accidently blocked it?” Aisha questioned herself in frustrated tone, in annoyance she closed her laptop and shove it back inside her backpack along with Smudgy official Indian government letter, she took her cell phone and put on her heels also wore her backpack and headed straight out of her room. Aisha decided to head to nearest police station to know more about ‘DGP- Manohar Tyagi’, Aisha asked her hotel reception about nearest police station as her Google map showed multiple police station nearby but it was little complicated for to understand the near one. One of the receptionist helped her and informed her that nearest police station to their hotel was at just 10 minutes walking distance, Aisha thanked her and immediately headed out, she used her Google map direction to reach her destination however the only problem that she was facing now was her network, her international sim card stopped working once it was out of hotel Wi-Fi range, earlier Aisha didn’t realized this problem because she was using Wi-Fi available in Taxi to make Google Duo call to her grannies and jess and in hotel she was using hotel wi-fi “Ohh…No Nooo, please no network!” Aisha said to her herself, once her network was completely off she panicked “Aisha, how can you be so careless to forget to change your sim card in India….” She scolded herself with a slap on her forehead “Oh.. god I am one hell of a messy person, please help me lord” she added eyeing up bright sky, she kept walking aimlessly with determination of finding police station , Aisha was little hesitated to ask address to every passerby as she was getting very weird look from almost all of them, Especially men’s she noticed that they were turning back and gossiping something looking at her bootie’s, at that moment she felt extremely uncomfortable, Aisha was one attractive girl, her tall, slim figure and flawless skin and perfectly curvy body was very attractive also to add in her beauty she had large tender bright blue eyes and waist length long curvy honey brown shinny, soft hair which were center of attraction of her whole appearance, Aisha kept walking but suddenly halted as she felt and sharp pain on her butt, someone slapped her butt from behind,  she quickly turned to realized a group of four ill-mannered men’s were staring at her sheepishly , their lust full gazed were checking out Aisha from head to toe “Aaa…Dekh Dehk dekhrahi rahi hai bahi thuje (Translation: See see she is looking at you brother )” one of those men’s said, when another added “Kya kadak maal hai yar (Translation: What an beautiful chick she is), Aisha walked and stood in front of them, she looked deep in their eyes “Kya hau madam chalna hai kya humare sath (Translation: What happened madam, do you wanna go with us?”) He said, Aisha was furious to hear him say that “Mujhe hatt kine lagaya (Translation: who touched me?” she questioned looking sharply at those four boys “Maine lagaya…kay karlo gi (Translation: I touched you, what are you gonna do about it) one of them came ahead, Aisha watch him for couple of second and them slapped him hard across his face, he turned back and hold her neck and tried to choke her “Muje maregi, muje margi , saali thuje nhi chodunga abhi (Translation: you hit me, you hit me, bitch I am not goanna leave you now) he shouted on her face like a manic, everyone else walking on the busy street of Lucknow were simply watching whole act like a statue, none of them seemed to bothered of what was happening to her when one of those four men was busy choking Aisha on street of Lucknow, no one dared to utter a single word to stop them neither made any move to help aisha, her face was slowly turning red, she was punching and trying to push that men away but he was slightly heavy, a black spot was slowly appearing in front of her eyes and Aisha was about to faint when all of sudden her lungs were filled with fresh oxygen at once, which she inhaled after her attacker hands were magically taken off her neck, Aisha fell down on ground and started breathing heavily, she coughed several times before turned her head up and saw the person who was chocking her was now lying on ground like a lifelessly body, she also saw a tall figure which was now standing in between her and the person who was chocking her earlier, Aisha hurriedly got on her feet and was about to thanked the person who saved her, but before she could utter a single word he turned to face Aisha and after looking at person who just saved her life Aisha lost all colors from her face, she instantly turned pale and her breathing hitched , her spine went stiff and every single hair on back of her neck stood up in fear , she was not believing that she was standing face to face with the devil himself ‘RAVAN’ she said in her mind.

Ohh..god you are in trouble Aisha..!! Her mind added.

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