Chapter 7: Not an accident but a Murder

Third person POV:

Aisha was startled to know that ‘DGP Mr. Manohar Tyagi’ was dead, she had not expected this information, her initiative to figure out about her parents seem to be again thrown back to starting point, senior Inspector ‘Vivaan’ asked Aisha to follow him in his cabin where she sat quietly opposite to Inspector Vivaan “You didn’t told me why are you looking for ‘Manohar Tyagi’? Inspector Vivan questioned “well he knew my parents, I was actually looking for him just to know few detail about my parents” Aisha informed him innocently “Where are you parents?” Vivan questioned with a raised eyebrow “Th.. They passed away in an accident few weeks back” Aisha informed “Oh.. am really sorry for asking, could you tell me what were their name?” Vivaan questioned her again, Aisha was quite for some time before she opened her mouth “Samuel and Amrita Millers” she said I low tone “The one from New York” Vivaan added and Aisha quickly turned her full attention towards Vivaan “You know
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