Chapter 8: Restaurant

Ravan POV:

She is here standing right in front of me ‘My Ocean’, Today in morning I was out to get one deal done for my godfather shabbier Shaikh, when I saw a hustle going on footpath on opposite side of the road while waiting in traffic, I did not paid any attention to it as it was extremely common thing in Lucknow, Some stupid girl was being harassed by few low life goons who were linked with my gang name and like always everyone else were busy watching the free show that was being displayed like a fucking pathetic looser, we rule Lucknow and not just lucknow but whole India or to be more specific “I” rule INDIA and anyone to everyone who are associated with my name need not to fear anything neither law nor an opposition, I was ruler of Indian Mafia, every single Don from every part of India was under my rule, I had created my dominance on whole Indian Mafia a

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