Chapter 15: Molested

Third person POV:

“Because of them…” bhanumati said looking at her two children’s both girls “Amma.. (mother)” one of those girls said staring from bhanumati to Aisha, Aisha was complete stranger to them and even her clothing’s, “Didi hai baccho aajo (translation: She Is your sister kids, come in)” bhanumati said in assuring tone to her two kids “inse milo , ye tumhari Aisha didi hai, ye pardes raheti hai, inhe Namaste karo! (Translation: Meet her she Is your Aisha sister, she stays in foreign country, now common greet her” bhanumati told her both girls in motherly voice, hearing their mother words both the girls joined their hands and said ‘Namaste!” in unison, when suddenly something struck to bhanumati and she got panic “Oh my god Aisha, you shouldn’t be here at this hour!” bhanumati said

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