Chapter 17: Someone Broke in

Aisha POV:

“Aaaa…… cchhuuuu..” “Aaaaahh… Chuuuuuuuu”“Aaaaahhhhhh……… Chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” “O..

O sweet Mary Jesus …… OH LORD…” I sneezed hard making all plasma fluid to flow down my nose and stared wiping it with several tissues, Yes! I caught a cold and that to because of that monster Ravan, he pushed me of that bridge that to into a fucking cold water river, he seriously has some issues I mean to wipe hand mark’s of those bastards who tried to molest me Ravan made me jump Into a river, he could have simple asked to take a bath, Right? but Nooo... he want to try something new like jumping of a Fucking bridge in middle of Fucking night into a Fucking freezing flowing river ALSO…. he didn’t stopped at that furthe
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