Chapter 18: Lost Backpack

Ravan POV:

I followed Aisha to her hotel room and saw that someone had brooked inside her room as it was totally messed up, every single thing of her was searched from her clothes to her room furniture, I knew someone was trying to look for something important, but that the question was what can it be? What can be so important that Aisha is having with her? Also if someone tried to search her room, that means they can even reach her? Her life is in danger! But again why someone else then me would try to hurt her or rob her? Are even other trying to take revenge on her for her parents doing? I was lost with my own thoughts when she walked ahead and started scanning her every belonging’s one by one until she again cursed loudly and said “My Backpack?” she screamed in pure shock “What?” I questioned her “My Backpack Ravan, My Backpack American tourister

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