Chapter 38: Cat Got Your Tongue?

Joanna's POV

"I found a plate of jollof rice with chicken on the counter, like it was placed for someone. This made me shrug nonchalantly and took it, as I decided I would ask Frank later.

"Francis? I called, but got no answer as all his focus was on a screaming Ifeanyi.

I shook my head at his childish ways and said what I knew would get to him.

"Francis, am breaking up with you," I voiced out, to which he stopped abruptly and turned to face me.

"The hell you are!" He growled, with an expression I couldn't comprehend, on his face.

"What did you do Frank? Ifeanyi asked, an angry look in his eyes.

The combined expression on their faces made me break out in a laugh as I realized they both took it too seriously.

The glare they sent my way after I had started laughing made me shut up abruptly and clear my thro

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