Chapter 48: Shut Up And Open This Damn Pile Of Wood

Joanna's POV

Its been three days since Frank told me all that transpired. And there I was, sulking on my bed with spoonfuls of icecream and series after series of wildflower.

If you'd asked me why I was sulking then, I'm sure I wouldn't have had an answer because despite all, I should feel relieved and a bit happy, but I wasn't.

Instead I was wallowing in my own sweat and freezing my heart over icecream. It was at this moment that I heard a knock on my door.

"Who goes? I yelled.

PS: That's a slang.

"Shut the hell up and open this damn pile of wood!" Tenda screeched while she pounded incessantly on the door.

This made me groan and mutter cursewords under my breath as I stalked over and unlocked it.

"Get out," I muttered in irritation when I realized she wasn't the only one, as she was surrounded by the bunch of goons

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