Chapter 31: A Trending Video

At the mention of the Devil’s Sea, Flora remembered stories about the area of the ocean east of Cardena known for mysterious disappearances of boats and other marine vessels. It no longer bothered her as much as it did when she was younger when Perlita would tell her scary stories during lunch break at school. Back then, Flora got too scared that she would find it difficult to sleep at night, hearing all the nocturnal noises and interpreting them as something more terrifying.

One of the most prominent stories that she could recall was the strange disappearance of a research vessel sent by the government to conduct surveys in the area. It was manned by a small crew of scientists and loaded with their state-of-the-art equipment, but the vessel stopped transmitting messages shortly after entering the Devil’s Sea. The vessel was found several days later after an intensive search, but all of the crew were missing. The technical equipment were still on the boat and food had been set on the t
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