Chapter 82: Eva's Request

Flora felt something heavy press against her body and she found it hard to breathe. Then, she heard the shrill trill of a bird close to her head as a pair of claws seemed to touch her face.

“Mommy, wake up!” Flora heard the small voice of her daughter. Flora pushed her eyes open and realized that Nadi lay on top of her chest, making it hard for her to breathe . The claws that she thought were touching her face were actually Nadi’s small hands trying to wake her up. The bird call was the alarm clock sounding near her head. 

“I’m awake, Nadi. You can get off me now,” said Flora, squeezing her eyes shut before fluttering them open. She then covered her face with her hands before picking up her alarm clock to turn off its incessant beeping.

“I woke up first,” said Nadi as she climbed down Flora’s bed. 

“Yes, you did,” replied Flora as she replaced the alarm clock on the bedside table

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