Chapter 85: Realizations

Flora worked fast. After having breakfast with her daughter, she went back to the kitchen to start washing the pots and pans. Without Eva, all of the morning’s tasks fell on Flora’s shoulders. She could only get some consolation from the absence of the master’s guest and that she did not have to work directly under Pablo which she found to be more difficult than working with Rosa.

However, the sudden absence of Mr. Renan kept nagging on Flora. When she found him in the south wing, he seemed dazed and confused, and although she could not be certain, his action of reaching out a hand towards her seemed like he was asking for her help. If she had not seen those slender arms wrapping around Mr. Renan and pulling him behind the curtains of the four-poster bed, she would have asked him if he needed anything. 

Then, there was Pablo telling her earlier that Mr. Renan had gone back to Cardena. Mr. Renan had every right to go if he wanted to, but to Flora,

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