Chapter 103: Eva's Undoing

The ghastly appearance of Dante inside one of the crates shocked Flora and she took several steps backwards. She wanted to scream and had to put her hands to her mouth to stop herself from doing so. She felt unable to run out of the room as she looked at the pallid face of the master whose eyes were locked in a penetrating stare. Questions flooded her mind: What was Mr. Dante doing inside a box full of earth? Is he dead? Or is he alive and awake? Can he see me? Should I run?

Flora gained back her senses after a few moments and realized that Dante, despite his eyes being wide open, remained motionless. She ventured a few steps forward and watched for any signs of consciousness. At first, Flora was afraid that Dante was dead, but his unusually red lips seemed to snarl and the deep eyes seemed to gaze at her knowingly. Looking at the master’s face closely, Flora saw that he was not as old as she thought he was. He looked more youthful with less of the gray hair and the wri

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