Chapter 160: First Daughter Duties

It was getting close to noon when the van carrying Celie and Lisa arrived at the venue. Nestie was already there, having gone earlier in the morning to direct the staff and get the venue ready. Nestie watched the two women alight from the car.

"May I bow before the princess?" asked Nestie after seeing Lisa’s attire and make-up as she got off the car. After a graceful bow, Lisa then looked at Celie who was also stepping out. "Of course, you will always be the queen," said Nestie. Both Lisa and Celie giggled and they flanked Nestie holding on to his arms.

"You took your time, both of you. We've fed the seniors breakfast and just ending the fun activities. Gift giving would be next." Nestie led them towards the nearest building where there was laughter and dance music.

As the trio entered, they saw a group of elderly women in costume onstage, dancing to a modern song. The music ended and the crowd applauded. Nestie went up stage and took the microphone.

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