Chapter 48: Tale of the Two Lovers

The fire crackled and Casser fed it some more wood. The flames went higher, casting light around the room as some sparks rose with the smoke towards the ceiling. The walls were all filled with carvings that seemed to be moving in the shifting light of the fire. Shaan had arrived with the firewood which he kept in one of the rooms of the temple and brought clothes for Verna. They all sat around the fire after they shared in the two fowls that Casser had roasted. Shaan sat with Verna who seemed to have regained enough strength to sit up while Wen and Eldion sat across from them.

Eldion stared at the shifting shadows made by the dancing flames on the wall carvings, then asked Shaan and Verna, "How long have you been staying here?"

"Truth to tell, I have lost count of the days. All I cared about was to spend every moment of it with my love," said Shaan as he looked away from the fire to gaze tenderly at Verna.

"Maybe a century," suggested Wen. “All the stories told of the Emperor Sukram an
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