Chapter 54: The Jungle Outlaws

Ten more men jumped out of the trapdoors that opened from the ground, sending dried leaves fluttering to the air. The trapdoors were concealed under the plentiful dried leaves that covered the jungle floor and remained undetected by Enzir and Lankko until it was too late. The men from the trapdoors had drawn their weapons and surrounded Enzir and Lankko. It all happened so quickly that even before the dried leaves that flew to the air landed on the ground, the men were already in position and pointing spears and arrows towards the two men from Alnoc.

Enzir was taken by surprise at the sudden appearance of the armed men before them. His mind raced on who the men were and where they came from, but his instinct was to defend himself against possible assailants. He placed a hand on the hilt of his sword and was about to draw it out, when one of the armed men stepped forward and stopped him with a threatening voice.

"Pull out the sword and you lose the arm," said the man threateningly at En
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