Chapter 83: Eldion Asks Enzir a Question

The outlaw standing guard at the entrance to the cavern turned towards Eldion and Wen and started craning his neck. He seemed to be starting to get suspicious at what Wen and Eldion were doing.

“I think you’ll have to lie down,” said Wen. “The guard is getting suspicious.”

“Sorry,” Enzir said as he lay flat on his back. “What I meant to say earlier is thank you for saving my life and your secret will be safe with me as with Lankko.”

Wen nodded and stole another glance at the guard who seemed to have lost interest in what they were doing.

“He’ll have to cover up. They’ll see that his wounds have healed,” Mira said suddenly, and Wen thought that it made sense.

“I’ll have to cover you with a blanket,” Wen told Enzir and pulled a blanket over Enzir. “They might discover that your wounds have healed,” she explained.

Enzir let Wen cover him

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