Chapter 121: Eldion Enters the Passageway

Casser held Wen tightly such that she could not move. “You are making a big mistake, Your Highness! If the Emperor is taking control of every city in Sendorra, then Sorrelia would be our best chance to resist him. Without Sorrelia, there will be nowhere for the forces against the Emperor to convene and plan the resistance. The resistance will be scattered like ants. Even the Emperor will soon find a way to defeat your plants and enter your realm,” said Wen, pleading at the Orchid Queen.

“You have said enough,” said the queen. Then, the plant with enormous leaves near her moved and separated, revealing an archway through which several healers entered. “Take these two to the cage while I think about what to do with them,” the Orchid Queen ordered the healers. 

The healers tied Wen’s hands and they left the room with Casser following them. As soon as they left, the plant hid the archway with its leaves and stayed motionless w

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