Chapter 123: In Pursuit of the Orchid Queen

Huge green tentacles erupted from the giant plant behind the throne of the Orchid Queen and pushed Eldion to the floor with such force that he landed several feet from the throne. Eldion shook his head as he tried to orient himself. He looked up and saw that giant plants had uprooted themselves from behind the Orchid Queen and had moved between him and the throne. Huge tentacles moved in the air like giant flexible arms that threatened to strangle him.

Eldion immediately rose from the floor and stood firmly with his legs apart. One by one, the giant plants took a swipe at him, attempting to wrap a tentacle around his body. Eldion was quick to evade them, jumping from one place to another and punching and kicking those that came close. Another tentacle attached to his leg, attempting to catch him off balance, but Eldion was quick and launched himself to the air by jumping on the tentacle. The plant’s limb was crushed under his foot, but a part of it remained attached to

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