Chapter 140: The Kanima Pass

The vast lake of Dagos came into full view as the giant statue of Rodan walked towards the Kanima Pass. The deep blue of the lake was enticing and beautiful, but it was the least in Eldion’s mind as he became occupied with the dangers that awaited them at the pass. The troop of Imperial soldiers Eldion saw barring their way was just one of the many that dot the sides of the mountains. There were holes dugout of the towering cliffs and Eldion knew that there were bound to be Imperial soldiers in most of them.

The Kanima Pass was the only passage towards Alnoc and the lands beyond and was adequately defended with garrisoned troops. The hard rock cliffs were dugout centuries ago by Rodan and his army to protect their lands from the invading forces of Sukram. When Rodan was able to assume leadership over Sukram, there was no longer need for the garrisons and they came into disrepair.

Mira was surprised to see that the holes on the rock cliffs were once again being used
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