Chapter 5 Challenge accepted!

“I’d rather argue with you, than kiss someone else.”- Unknown

Elsie POV

I was in a deep sleep when my phone suddenly rang a few times. I tried to hide it under the pillow so I could not hear the ringtone, but the noise kept me from sleeping peacefully. Come on, whoever's on the phone, at least take into consideration the fact that people need more sleep over the weekend. I curse before I answer the call with my eyes still closed, not bother to know the caller's name.

“Hmm," I was humming lazily without a word of greeting.

“And good morning to you too.” A husky voice can be heard clearly over the line. I can't recognize the voice, and it doesn't ring a bell.

“Wrong number,” I chided without looking at the screen, lazy to entertain.

“Hold on, don't you dare to hang up.” He's threatening, and I felt a little pissed off by his tone. I immediately looked at the screen to find out who the caller was, but it was a new number, not from my contact.

“And who are you to threaten me early in the morning?” I scolded the rude caller. I sat on the bed with my eyes wide open and rage in me.

“Three days, remember?” He said straight to the point. My eyebrows knitted.  Now I remember this guy.

“You, the arrogant guy,” I called him but he didn’t show any response.   “I've told you, I'm not taking your offer into consideration. I'm not interested and this has never crossed my mind over the last three days.” I was annoyed, he simply ignored my words.

“Very brave of you to reject my offer.” His voice was firm.

“Oh, you have no idea how courageous I am. I appreciate the compliment. Now, if I may, let me get back to my sleep that was disrupted by you.” Sarcasm runs in my blood.

“Lazy ass.” He mocked which made me gritted my teeth. That guy was crazy. He ruined my beauty slumber in the morning and called me “lazy ass”. I did the right thing by not accepting his offer. I can't picture working under his command and calling him boss. No, it's certainly not going to happen even in my dream. I'll never dream of that man. It will be the worst nightmare if it truly happens.

“You know what, I feel bad for Andrea for having a rude, arrogant, and self-centered dad. She ought to have a better father than you. Do you ever consider how she will feel if she knows how you force someone to accept your offer?” I don’t care if my words hurt him.

“You have no right to interfere. She wouldn't know that unless you had told her.” I rolled my eyes with his answer, even though I knew he could not see me in this conversation.

“Okay, I won't interfere in your business, and I won't say anything to Andrea, but only on one condition." An eye for an eye.

“Condition? Great, you're the first person who dares to negotiate with me." He sneered.

“Really? Oh, I'm so proud of myself." I said it in a sarcastic way. I’m not going to back off from him easily. “Listen to me clearly; the condition is to stop calling me with your ridiculous offer. Let me repeat myself, I’m not going to accept your offer.” I enunciated each word clearly.

“No, you listen to me clearly, love. You can’t reject me. Once I've decided what I want, no one can say no, and you're included. I'm going to make sure you come and say yes to my face. Mark my words.”

“Ha-ha. Very funny mister whatever you are. Let's see how you can force me to say yes!"

“Well, challenge accepted." He cut the line afterward without even giving me a chance to defend myself. Arrogant and rude. It convinced me it was the right thing to do for rejecting his offer.

I slammed the phone on my bed and pulled the blanket to cover my body. I snuggled up and got some more sleep.


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