Chapter Forty 

"... And he just said good bye. Not even a parting kiss," Kiara moaned carrying a spoonful of ice cream and shoving it into her mouth.

"Wait let me get this straight... He just left like that?" Cindy asked surprised shoving a slice of pizza in her mouth.

Shelly took her time in digesting her pizza and ice cream before she made her own comment, "Didn't you tell him that you didn't want any emotional attachment?"

Kiara shot her a glare. "I didn't mean it. Haven't you heard of when a woman says something and means another thing."

Shelly raised her hands in mock surrender, "I'm not Logan!"

Cindy giggled and licked off the ice cream that was at the edge of the spoon. "No boy talk, ladies."

Kiara began crying again. "I don't wanna talk about any other thing. I miss Logan."

Cindy and Shelly both held her rocking her shoulders gently. "I'm so sorry," Shelly consoled her.

"I miss Logan so much an

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